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SapCheck® for Remote Pump Monitoring and Control

SapCheck® for Remote Pump Monitoring and Control

Send/receive text messages on your cell phone to monitor and control vacuum pump operation at your sugarbush.


Size7-13/16 x 4-11/16 x 3 inches
Weight1.5 lbs
Power Requirements120 Vac
Maximum Load9.8 A (1/2 Hp Pumps)
Maximum Amp Draw if Monitoring Only0.3 A
EnvironmentalMust be located in dry, ventilated enclosure.
20°F - 100°F
Phone PlanUnited States only


Support Plan Purchase/Activation

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SapCheck® must have a Product Support Plan in place to provide access to the cellular communications network necessary for the device to send/receive text messages. If you have purchased SapCheck® through a dealer and need to activate it by buying a Product Support Plan, or if you need to renew an existing Support Plan, you may purchase or renew a plan by clicking on the Activate button and then entering information about your SapCheck® device. Your SapCheck® Support Plan provides access to the cellular network, as well as access to all product software updates.