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The Bosworth Company, located in East Providence, Rhode Island, was founded in 1982 by Ken and Nancy Bosworth. They have created a successful, family-owned business through their twin focus on offering a high-quality product backed by first-rate customer service.

The Bosworth Company at the Chicago Boat Show

Prior to forming The Bosworth Company, Ken Bosworth’s career had taken him from design and manufacturing engineer in the field of hydraulics at the G. W. Dahl Company in Bristol, Rhode Island to General Manager of the Dart Union Company, a long-established Rhode Island manufacturer of pipe union fittings. Ken bought the rights to The Guzzler pump from Dart Union and left to form The Bosworth Company to commercialize and further develop the Guzzler business.

The Bosworth Company has evolved its basic Guzzler product line by satisfying customer requirements for fluid transfer in a growing array of markets and applications. The Guzzler has grown into a broad family of diaphragm pump products and product options, unequaled in scope in the market. Along the way, Ken developed complementary products to the Guzzler, such as the Sea-lect series of Y-Valves (also known as diverter valves) and the Guzzler series of foot/check valves to assist in keeping pumps primed and to extend pump lift capabilities.

From the outset, Ken’s goal was to make the Guzzler name synonymous with product quality and excellent customer service. This commitment is reflected in all of the Company’s operations and it has earned The Bosworth Company certification as an ISO 9001 manufacturer, as well as the right to display the prestigious CE for acceptance in the European market. The names Bosworth, Guzzler and Sea-lect continue to be synonymous with quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.